E. Armistead (Armi) Easterby – Attorney

“I’ve wanted to be a lawyer as long as I can remember.” Armi Easterby has been practicing law since 1996, but he has had the ambition to practice much longer. “I remember seeing Paul Newman in “The Verdict” when I was 11 or 12 and it made a big impression on me, particularly how one person could beat an entire team of lawyers. I identified with that and it stayed with me.”

After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin, Armi became a student at the University of Houston Law Center where her graduated cum laude and was Associate Editor, Houston Law Review. He joined WKHB in 2005, and started the commercial trial section in 2008.

WKHB’s commercial trial section focuses on environmental cases, intellectual property disputes, and various other commercial litigation matters. Most of these cases center around situations where a large company has taken advantage of a small family business. “The “David and Goliath” theme is almost always present in my cases,” Armi says. “I know people like to make lawyer jokes and criticize our court system, but time and time again I’ve seen the civil justice system as the only recourse my clients have. It is gratifying to see a small company take on a Fortune 500 company in front of a jury.”

Throughout his career, Armi has seen and heard many things, but the one thing he does not do is dwell on the bad. “It isn’t easy to take a case from the initial client meeting to trial. There will be setbacks and challenges, any our job is to keep the case moving to get it in front of a jury. To do that you have to genuinely believe and care about your client’s case, it can’t just be about making money. One thing I’ve learned over the last 18 years is you have to stay positive and believe in what you are doing.”

Armi’s passion for justice is also the passion of WKHB who for over 25 years has pursued justice and a fair shake for all its clients. “In other firms clients are seen in terms of billable hours, not in terms of people with problems that need help. Williams Kherkher is different in that the people here actually care about the client. You see it in the little things, such as how our staff interacts with people. The culture here is that the client is part of our extended family.”

Armi lives in Houston with his wife and 4 children. He is active in mentoring younger attorneys, and believes that mentoring is a critical part of the legal profession. “I was lucky to have a great first boss when I got out of law school. He instilled in me a belief that lawyers have a responsibility to uphold the public’s trust by being honest and doing what you say you’ll do. I’ve tried to instill that same philosophy with the young lawyers I’ve had the privilege of mentoring over the years.”

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