Margret E. Lecocke, Attorney

Margret Lecocke, Attorney, Williams Kherkher

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“My parents knew from the time I was little that I was going to be a lawyer,” Margret Lecocke says with a smile. “Apparently, I was as inquisitive and argumentative then as I am now. I’m lucky that I found a job where those are necessary qualifications.”

A decade and a half later, Margret graduated from Columbia University in New York with a BA in English. “I have always loved to read. Books, magazines, newspapers, menus; I will read anything. English by far was my favorite subject in high school.” Although Margret contemplated journalism school, she decided to fulfill her parents’ prediction first. “There’s plenty of time for journalism. It will be my second career.”

Margret also enjoys the challenge of practicing law. “I am lucky enough to exercise my brain every day. My cases span a wide range of subjects, from pharmaceuticals to labor disputes to motor vehicle accidents. I am constantly learning the mechanics of something new.”

“Without a doubt though, the fact that I actually get to guide people through life-altering problems is the real reward at the end of each day. This firm is dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights, and because we all share a common goal, we work WITH each other and not against each other. When you have that harmony, everyone benefits, most importantly, our clients.”

When she isn’t reading or working, Margret is often baking or practicing pilates. “I’ll do anything active. I just like to stay in motion when I’m not at work.” Margret’s charitable endeavors include National Public Radio (NPR), the Houston Ballet and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

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