Attorney Spotlight — Sejal K. Brahmbhatt

SuperLawyers 2014

Did you always know that you wanted to be an attorney? What was it that initially piqued your interest in law (and pharmaceutical law, specifically)?

As a kid I read a lot of books, including mysteries like Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. I was always asking questions and trying to solve the mysteries. My question was always, “Why?” As I got older, I started to learn about the legal issues that my parents faced as they tried to emigrate from Africa to the United Kingdom, and the lack of representation that they had during that time in their lives. Listening to their stories and seeing my family struggle with these problems made me want to become a voice for people who didn’t know where to turn. These issues hit close to home for me, and I wanted to be there for people who needed an advocate and a lawyer.

Why do you think clients choose you and Williams Kherkher over others?

Our firm is well-prepared, and we have the resources to take on big cases. We have been known to move offices and “set up shop” during trials other cities so that we can be close to the case and best represent our client. We are detail-oriented and client-based, always willing to take calls and answer clients’ questions. Clients should feel that they can contact us with any concerns that they have and we will respond to the best of our abilities. Our lawyers also work well together on cases. We have a dedicated team of people whose primary focus is obtaining the best possible results for our clients.

What should a potential client expect and what is the process like?

Clients should communicate openly with the lawyers that are working their cases. Working on a legal case is a two-way street; without your help and cooperation, we can’t pursue the best outcome for you. We have a duty to you and will work hard to uphold that duty to the highest standards possible.

When we receive calls from potential clients, we review and evaluate the records to make sure we have a legitimate case to file. As the case progresses, we communicate with our clients regularly and inform them as to how their cases are proceeding. They always know they can contact us if they have questions, concerns or just need to let us know they have changed phone numbers or addresses. We ask for their cooperation in meeting deadlines and responding to various requests by opposing counsel. We also ask our clients to be patient because the legal process is just that – a process. Many times there are things out of our control occurring such as waiting for permission to proceed from a judge or waiting on a ruling by another court. The legal process takes time, but we will do everything we can to help you.

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