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“We believe in doing what is right for those who need help,” says Steve Kherkher, partner at Williams Kherkher Hart Boundas, LLP.

Steve grew up in Houston and attended St. Vincent de Paul and St. Thomas High School before going to the University of Houston. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Steve began working on his master’s and as a football graduate assistant for U of H coach Bill Yeoman. “I loved it!” Steve says enthusiastically, “That was part of the reason I was getting my master’s in education, because I wanted to be a coach. To watch Coach Yeoman and to see his effect on people was tremendous. He is in the College Hall of Fame! I knew I wanted to help people in my own way.”

After receiving his master’s in education Steve decided his way to help those in need was through the law. “After a lot of thought I knew my place was in the law. I would see the injustice that was going on all around me and knew that I could use my education and background to make an impact on the lives of people.” He earned his law degree from the South Texas College of Law where he was Assistant Editor of the South Texas Law Review and graduated cum laude.

Shortly thereafter, Steve joined Williams Bailey Law Firm as an associate and put his nose to the grind stone. “I have always been driven and this firm is like a family. We support one another and are concerned about the well being of our clients. In fact, we look at our clients as family members and work hard for them. Their disappointments are our disappointments and their triumphs are our triumphs. We work hard because we want them to know we are doing everything in our power to take care of them.”

Steve is currently the head of the asbestos docket, which has won hundreds of verdicts and settlements over the years for their clients. “Exposure to asbestos can be deadly. There are companies and industries that knew the dangers of asbestos and continued to expose their employees and their families to this deadly substance. My passion is rooted in the fact that we can represent people who have been wronged and bring them the justice they deserve. Families should not have to be turned upside down because of the negligence of companies. We attempt to right the wrongs.”

Steve also helps to manage the firm’s pharmaceutical docket, which has represented over 10,000 clients nationwide. “This is another area I am passionate about because when people take medicine or use a medical device, it is with the expectation that their quality of life will improve, not be hindered even more. I am proud of our team and their commitment to our clients. We are the David versus the Goliath. We represent those who have been negatively affected by the negligence of companies that have put revenue ahead of human life.”

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