Fatal truck accident causes hazmat spill

An 18-wheeler accident near Houston yesterday resulted in the death of the truck’s driver, as well as a HazMat spill on Highway 225. Traffic in both directions was shut down as HazMat crews attempted to diffuse the dangers posed by the spill. According to authorities, just before 1:30 pm on Monday, June 22, reports came in of an 18-wheeler that ran off the road, crashing into a gas line and releasing propylene, a flammable asphyxiant.

Crews worked on the spill for over 13 hours. Thankfully, because the area was sparsely populated, authorities did not require residents of Houston, Pasadena, or La Porte to evacuate their homes.

Authorities investigating the incident believe that the now deceased truck driver may have experienced a medical emergency before the incident, causing the collision.

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