Better endometrial cancer prognosis for women who underwent tubal ligation

A new study found that women who have undergone tubal ligation (TL) at a younger age before developing endometrial cancer later in life have a better endometrial cancer prognosis, Medpage Today published on June 20.

The study involved 4,489 women, 27.6% of whom underwent TL at an average of 32 years old. It found that tubal ligated women were less likely to be diagnosed with stage III or IV uterine cancer. Researchers believe that blocking the fallopian tubes through ligation would interrupt the tubal passage of the cancer cells from the uterus. This would halt metastasis of aggressive cancers and would result in an improved prognosis.

The endometrium, or the inside lining of the uterus, is considered among the potential sources of aggressive cancer cells in a woman’s reproductive system.

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