Breaking News: Fatal accident forces road closure in Tomball

Authorities are currently on the scene of a major accident on the 21300 block of Hufsmith-Kohrville Road in Tomball, Texas. While details are scarce at this time, video and photos from the scene indicate that a large commercial vehicle may be involved. It is not known how many individuals were in the vehicle involved, nor has any information been released about the cause of the crash.

We will keep you posted as this story develops. For more information, turn to ABC13 News in Houston.

Fatal truck accident causes hazmat spill

An 18-wheeler accident near Houston yesterday resulted in the death of the truck’s driver, as well as a HazMat spill on Highway 225. Traffic in both directions was shut down as HazMat crews attempted to diffuse the dangers posed by the spill. According to authorities, just before 1:30 pm on Monday, June 22, reports came in of an 18-wheeler that ran off the road, crashing into a gas line and releasing propylene, a flammable asphyxiant.

Crews worked on the spill for over 13 hours. Thankfully, because the area was sparsely populated, authorities did not require residents of Houston, Pasadena, or La Porte to evacuate their homes.

Authorities investigating the incident believe that the now deceased truck driver may have experienced a medical emergency before the incident, causing the collision.

Truck that struck bridge in Salado did not have proper permit

On Friday, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles made an announcement that may help people make better sense of a tragic incident that took place the day before.

In the Salado truck accident that killed one person and injured three others, the truck that caused the accident did not have a proper permit.

The Department of Motor Vehicles requires trucks that carry oversized loads to have a special permit. The permit makes the DMV aware of the truck’s destination and gives them information on how to take the safest route possible. This lack of information may have been what caused the truck to attempt to pass under a bridge that was too short.

So far, Lares Trucking, the company whose vehicle was involved in the truck accident, has not provided a reason for why the truck lacked a permit.

Truck accident in Salado injures three, kills one

Around 11 am today, a tractor trailer driving along I-35 in Salado struck a beam on the FM 2484 bridge, causing several beams to become loose and the bridge to collapse. According to reports from the Texas Department of Public Safety, at least two pickup trucks and three semi trucks were damaged in the accident.

Sadly, the driver of a pickup truck that was under the bridge when it collapsed died from his injuries. Three other victims were taken to nearby Scott & White Hospital to receive treatment, though the extent of their injuries has not been reported.

According to a spokesperson from the Texas Department of Transportation, the likely cause of the truck accident is that either the truck or the trailer it was pulling was too tall to safely pass under the bridge.

We will continue to monitor this situation and update with any new information.

Lufkin crash claims life of Lake Travis teen

On Wednesday, July 23rd, Lake Travis teen, Rainey Blaylock, was killed in a Lufkin truck accident.

The accident occurred late on Wednesday night when Blaylock, 18,  was driving through Lufkin en route to Nacogdoches. Sadly, while traveling, an 18-wheeler struck Blaylock’s passenger vehicle at an intersection, ejecting her from her car and trapping her beneath the truck.

The Lufkin Daily News mentioned that the 18-wheeler had the right of way at the time of the collision, but also noted that an important sign, warning drivers like Blaylock to yield the right of way to other vehicles, was not properly displayed.

Blaylock, a 2014 graduate of Lake Travis High School and server at The Oasis, was reportedly en route to Stephen F. Austin State University where she was to begin her freshman year of college.

The entire legal team at Williams Kherkher expresses our sincere condolences to those affected by this tragic accident.

Williams Kherkher obtains $11M for client in fatal truck accident case

A jury in Houston recently decided in favor of Daniel Rhodes’ family, awarding them $11 million for his death in 2011 that was the result of a truck accident. The Rhodes family was successfully represented by Steven Kherkher and Jim Hart, attorneys at Williams Kherkher.

The jury awarded the family the compensation after finding that X-Chem and NCH Corp. were negligent in fulfilling their duties and overseeing the driver of the truck involved in the fatal accident. According to Jim Hart, “The actions and inactions of X-Chem and NCH took the life of a great man and fantastic family man.”

Judge Mike Miller of the 11th District Court oversaw the case.

To learn more about the verdict of this case, you can read this article or click here.

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