Williams Kherkher and CIS Houston

For the last decade, Williams Kherkher has been actively involved in Communities In Schools (CIS) Houston, a local branch of a nation-wide stay-in-school program, and its Eikenberg Legal Internship Program.

In 2004, the CIS Houston program kept 99% of its students in school, even while those same high schools experienced overall dropout rates as high as 50%. CIS Houston works with the Texas Education Agency and local school districts, along with 200 partner agencies and more than 2,700 volunteers, to help at-risk students stay in school and prepare for life.

In 2004, CIS provided more than 900,000 hours of services to over 48,000 students on 104 public school campuses. CIS Houston services include academic assistance, encouragement of parental involvement, cultural enrichment, support and guidance, career awareness, health and wellness and information and referrals to provider agencies.

As of fall 2005, Williams Kherkher has 12 student employees who came to us through the CIS legal internship program. We provide CIS students with employment, counseling and guidance. The attorneys and support staff work closely with CIS students to provide them with an overview and introduction into various aspects of the legal profession. Our students are required to work 20 hours per week and remain in school with passing grades.

Two of our interns have converted to full-time employees after graduating from high school. Others have gone into such promising fields as engineering, radiology, accounting and catering. They stayed the course and are no longer considered at-risk as a result of a lack of education. They are to be commended, and Williams Kherkher is proud to have provided them with the opportunity to excel.

Learn more by visiting the CIS Houston website.

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