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How a power morcellator could spread cancer

Posted on Monday, January 5th, 2015 at 9:54 am    

Since the U.S Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) warning about its association with uterine cancer in April 2014, power morcellators have been the subject of fierce criticism among many uterine cancer advocates and women who have recently been diagnosed with the disease after undergoing a power morcellation procedure.

To understand clearly the risk of uterine cancer, here is a quick guide on how a power morcellator typically works:

  1. A small incision in the abdomen is made where the power morcellator’s hollow tube, blade and pincers will be inserted.
  2. The pincers will grasp the uterine fibroid and pull it towards the device’s shaft.
  3. A rotating blade in the shaft of the tool will break the mass into pieces. During this process, undetected cancer tissues may also be morcellated.
  4. Morcellated tissues are captured by the device’s hollow tube that is connected to a vacuum source. In some instances, morcellated cancer tissues are left behind, spreading these cancerous tissues.

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