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Defective pharmaceutical products including drugs, medications, and everyday products, make up a significant portion of all product liability lawsuits. Large pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the research and development of their products and must include warning labels on any product that may cause side effects.

The FDA monitors the safety of pharmaceutical products, but may overlook the dangers of a product due to inadequate testing. If you have been injured by a defective pharmaceutical product, contacting an attorney is the first step in protecting your rights. Call us today at (888) 220-0640.

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Defective Pharmaceuticals FAQs

How do defective drugs make it to market?

The federal government requires a large amount of testing before drugs are available to consumers. Unfortunately, the system is not perfect. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has a huge job to do regulating pharmaceuticals throughout the country. Drugs can slip through the cracks for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, side effects are not apparent until years or decades after individuals begin taking the drug. In these cases, side effects can be difficult to spot before they hit the market. Additionally, drug testing happens on a relatively small scale compared to the level of nationwide usage. Side effects that are not apparent when given to a hundred people may appear when prescribed to a million. Unintended drug interactions are another common cause of intense side effects. Drug manufacturers should account for all combinations of pharmaceuticals in our increasingly pharmaceutical-dependent society. When drug companies fail in their obligation, victims of defective pharmaceuticals deserve compensation.

How do drug recalls work?

There are many reasons a drug recall may occur. Manufacturing defects are related to the manufacturing of a drug, which may become defective during the production process or contaminated when shipped across the country. A design defect is the type of recalled drugs with which the public is most familiar. These occur when unintended side effects harm consumers. Finally, failure to warn occurs when relevant instructions or risks are not included with a particular drug.

Is someone liable for my pharmaceutical drug-related injury?

Absolutely. From research to production, there are dozens of companies and corporations that may be held liable for damages. These companies include testing laboratories, sales representatives, and the doctor that prescribed you the ultimately defective medicine. An experienced personal injury attorney will explore all avenues of liability and fight for every dollar you deserve. After you suffer adverse health effects related to a pharmaceutical drug, your mind is on recovery. Let an attorney do the legal work for you.

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