Depakote-Related Brain Defects

Depakote is known to cause a number of severe and sometimes fatal birth defects in babies born to women who took this prescription drug while pregnant. Among these are brain defects that can produce permanent problems and which may even result in death. Cognitive deficits and developmental delays associated with these brain defects can make it difficult or impossible for children to relate to their peers or to become integrated members of society. Some brain defects caused by Depakote may leave a newborn child unable to live beyond a few days or years, inflicting unspeakable pain and loss upon a family.

Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to develop prescription drugs that help treat ailments without putting their consumers at risk of severe side effects. When such effects are unavoidable, the dangers must be communicated to patients. If you took Depakote and your child was born with a brain defect, you may be able to seek financial compensation through legal action against the drug company. Contact the Depakote brain defects attorneys of Williams Kherkher by calling (888) 220-0640 to learn more about your legal options.

Brain Defects Linked To Depakote

Studies have shown that mothers who took Depakote at any time during their pregnancy were much more likely to give birth to children with brain defects than the general population. The following are some of the brain defects that were found at higher rates in the children of Depakote-taking mothers:

  • Impaired Cognitive Development
  • Anencephaly
  • Hydroanencephaly
  • Hydrocephaly

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We recognize that this is a difficult time for you and your family. You should not have been put into this position, but a pharmaceutical company’s failure to disclose health risks has brought you to this point. Hold them accountable. Contact the Depakote brain defect lawyers of Williams Kherkher at (888) 220-0640 for committed and capable legal counsel.

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