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Jackson Oil Spill Claims

Free Spill Claim CalculatorIn 2010, BP’s oil rig Deepwater Horizon suffered a massive explosion, causing millions of barrels of oil to flow into the Gulf of Mexico. This disaster had an incredibly damaging effect on the environment and surrounding communities, including Jackson, and many homeowners and business owners are still recovering. BP has formed the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center, or DHCC, in an effort to process oil spill claims, but it is still difficult for victims to secure the remuneration they deserve.

BP is entitled to deny oil spill claims over $25,000, and the DHCC has widely exercised this right whenever possible. However, the skilled legal team at Williams Kherkher can help individuals manage new claims and appeal denied ones, greatly increasing Jackson residents’ chances of successful oil spill claims.

Oil Spill Claims Assistance

Williams Kherkher has been assisting victims of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe since the initial spill in 2010, amassing a wealth of experience and knowledge in successfully handling oil spill claims and appeals. Our lawyers can assist you in any of the following areas:

  • Property damage claims
  • Lost tourism revenue claims
  • Lost rental property revenue claims
  • Lost income claims
  • Spill cleanup claims

Our well-qualified attorneys are fully prepared to help you manage a new claim or represent your appeal with the full resources the firm has at its disposal.

Discuss Your Oil Spill Claim with a Jackson Attorney

If your family or business has suffered financially due to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, you are likely entitled to compensation for your damages and other losses. To learn more about your rights and legal options moving forward, contact the experienced attorneys at Williams Kherkher today at (888) 220-0640.

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