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Lost Income Claims

When the explosion at the Gulf of Mexico oil rig Deepwater Horizon occurred in 2010, the immediate environmental devastation from the oil spill was clearly apparent. Less clear was the huge economic impact that many Gulf residents would experience as a result of the disaster. In fact, the spill resulted in substantial income loss for thousands throughout the Gulf region, and some are still dealing with these consequences.

Fortunately, BP has set up the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center in order to provide compensation to those who suffered income loss as a result of this catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil spill. However, BP’s team of defense attorneys has already turned down many legitimate lost income claims. In order to prevent your claim from suffering this fate or to appeal a wrongfully rejected claim, you may need a dedicated legal team that can help you provide evidence of your lost income and fight for your right to compensation.

Cases We Handle

The experienced legal professionals at Williams Kherkher know what it takes to successfully help clients pursue claims for compensation for lost income as a result of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. We are well-prepared to assist individuals and businesses in a variety of situations, including those involving:

Years later, the Gulf of Mexico is still reeling from the aftereffects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Rather than handling these repercussions on your own, you should talk to a lawyer about recovering the remuneration you need for lost income.

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