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Mississippi Oil Spill Claims

Free Spill Claim CalculatorIn 2010, the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig caused millions of barrels of oil to flow into the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in devastating consequences for Gulf coast residents, including those in Mississippi. In addition to the immediate, costly property damage caused by the oil spill and ensuing tar balls, many businesses suffered considerable income loss in the months that followed. Fortunately, though, victims of this disaster may be able to secure remuneration through successful oil spill claims.

BP, which operated the Deepwater Horizon rig and therefore bears responsibility for the damages caused by the spill, has agreed to provide compensation to those who experienced financial losses as a result of the oil spill. However, it can be difficult to successfully pursue a claim on your own. As such, Mississippi residents who wish to file oil spill claims or appeal denied claims should consider speaking with the experienced attorneys from Williams Kherkher to learn more about the best ways to handle these claims.

Legal Assistance for Oil Spill Claims

At Williams Kherkher, we have dedicated our careers to protecting the rights and interests of people harmed by the negligence of large, powerful companies such as BP. We are unafraid to help you with oil spill claims including:

  • Property damage claims
  • Lost tourism revenue claims
  • Lost rental property revenue claims
  • Lost income claims
  • Spill cleanup claims

Mississippi and other Gulf coast residents should not have to bear the burden of these oil spill consequences alone. We can help you hold BP accountable for its thoughtless actions, helping you secure the compensation you deserve through an oil spill claim.

Affected Areas

Residents of some areas of Mississippi are more likely than others to have experienced substantial consequences from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. These areas include:

  • Petit Bois Island
  • Mississippi Delta
  • Barrier Islands
  • Coastal Mississippi

Individuals living in these areas should discuss their claim eligibility with a skilled legal advisor today.

Learn More from an Oil Spill Claims Lawyer in Mississippi

If you live in Mississippi and suffered damages as a result of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we can help you get the compensation you need. Contact the attorneys at Williams Kherkher today by calling (888) 220-0640 to discuss your oil spill claims with a member of our professional legal staff and learn more about what we can do to help.

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