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Non-Profit Oil Spill Claims

Free Spill Claim CalculatorThe Gulf of Mexico oil spill, which occurred in 2010 after an accident at BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig, has caused individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout the Gulf region to suffer tremendous damages. As a result of this, many parties, individuals and businesses alike, have been less able to make charitable donations, directly impacting the non-profit organizations. Thus, because of this negative effect on non-profit organizations’ revenue, many non-profits are eligible to apply for and obtain money from BP, helping them make it through this financially difficult time.

Under the terms of BP’s Settlement Agreement, non-profit organizations, which are inextricably intertwined in the local economy and affected by the losses others sustain, may be able to file a spill claim for the difference between projected and actual revenue in the period following the 2010 oil spill. Thus, if you are a non-profit organization in the Gulf region that had its revenues impacted, whether due to less charitable giving or other direct effects on your company, as a result of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, our attorneys at Williams Kherkher understand how devastating this could have been for you financially and professionally, and we are committed to helping individuals and businesses in your position pursue the compensation they need

Our Non-Profit Oil Spill Claims Practice Areas

At Williams Kherkher, we have been involved in the BP oil spill claims process from the very beginning, and our experience and commitment to our clients has allowed us to obtain remarkable results, with more than 500 claims totaling over $125 million resolved in the past three years. We are prepared to extend our assistance to a wide variety of non-profit organizations that may have been affected by the spill, including:

  • Wildlife preservation organizations
  • Historical societies
  • Disease research organizations
  • Educational organization

Additionally, the Settlement Agreement stipulates that in some areas, eligible non-profits will receive an additional 150% or 250% of its 2010 loss as a “Risk Transfer Premium;” this amount is added to the loss amount (e.g. a $100 loss with a 250% RTP yields a $350 claim), making it well worth it for non-profit organizations to pursue compensation for their losses.

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When the Gulf of Mexico oil spill occurred, people in all industries and circumstances were affected. Sadly, this impact trickled down to non-profit organizations as well, causing them to lose critical donations and funding. Fortunately, however, if your non-profit organization was affected by this oil spill, you might be owed compensation from BP. When filing an oil spill claim and fighting for this financial compensation, you deserve to have someone on your side who has a proven and successful record. Call (888) 220-0640 to speak with a lawyer from Williams Kherkher about our experience handling these types of claims and how we can work with you to get the results you need.

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