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Spill Cleanup Claims

The devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 released millions of barrels of oil into the ocean, and consequences are still being felt in the Gulf of Mexico region to this day. For many Gulf residents, the spill was emotionally as well as financially draining, leading to lost income, damaged property, and considerable spill cleanup costs. Because oil spill remediation must be handled so carefully, the expenses associated with removing the oil are often high, and some individuals are still feeling the toll of this undertaking.

While the repercussions of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill have clearly been devastating for many, one positive development has been the creation of a fund to help compensate Gulf residents for the losses they have sustained as a result of the disaster, including the costs of spill cleanups. By filing a claim against BP, Gulf area residents may be able to recover some or even all of their losses.

Our Practice Areas

At Williams Kherkher, our team of experienced attorneys has been helping individuals and businesses secure the compensation they deserve for the economic consequences of the BP oil spill since the very beginning. We can put our extensive legal knowledge and resources to work for you, helping you recover oil spill cleanup costs for the following:

  • Fisheries
  • Business property
  • Residential property

BP should be held responsible for the many damages it caused the Gulf region to suffer, including cleanup costs. With our help, you can file a claim or appeal a denied claim to fight for the financial assistance you need.

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