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Gynecare Morcellex

The Gynecare Morcellex is a uterine surgery medical device that was recently recalled by Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company after the FDA raised some serious concerns regarding the safety of the product. On April 17, 2014, the FDA issued a warning that this device carried a higher risk of spreading cancerous tissue outside the uterus, which jeopardizes a patient’s long-term health and chance of survival. The Gynecare Morcellex was frequently used in uterine surgery for uterine morcellation after a laparoscopic supracervial hysterectomy and myoma morcellation after laparoscopic myomectomy. The device was used to remove fibroid tumors by cutting tissue into very small pieces, therefore making it possible to extract the pieces through very small incisions. However, if a woman had cancerous tissue present in her uterus, it could disperse this dangerous tissue into the pelvis and abdomen.

This risk could be absolutely detrimental to a woman’s health and recovery. If cancerous tissue is spread throughout the body as a result of morcellation, it will undoubtedly worsen any woman’s prognosis. Putting patients in a worse situation than they started is incredibly irresponsible, and the morcellator lawsuit attorneys at Williams Kherkher are dedicated to taking action against companies whose products ultimately cause patients to suffer needless harm.

Complications Associated With the Gynecare Morcellex

If you’ve developed any of the following side effects, the use of a morcellator could ultimately be to blame:

  • Spread of undiagnosed cancerous tissue beyond the uterus
  • Cancerous tumors in the pelvis
  • Cancerous tumors in the abdomen

Acquiring new cancerous tissue requires extensive additional treatment and can result in extreme pain and suffering that a woman was not previously anticipating. As such, affected women may be able to receive substantial compensation in a morcellator lawsuit for their worsened prognosis, medical costs, and compensation for future treatment that will be necessary as a result of the cancerous tissue spread by a morcellator, such as the Gynecare Morcellex.

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Far too often, people are injured and killed at the hands of irresponsible medical device manufacturers, and at Williams Kherkher, we believe it is our duty to hold these companies responsible. A medical device should not lead anyone to a worsened prognosis, further suffering, or wrongful death. Our highly qualified morcellator lawsuit attorneys have the extensive knowledge required to pursue legal action against these companies, and we want to try and help you recoup the medical costs you’ve incurred as a result of a dangerous morcellator procedure involving the Gynecare Morcellex. If you believe that you’ve been harmed through a surgical procedure involving a morcellator, contact Williams Kherkher at (888) 385-6376 so that we can fight for you.

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