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Houston Refinery Accident Lawyers

Anyone who’s ever worked in a refinery understands the dangers involved with this type of occupation. Refineries are inherently dangerous, and those who work there take on these risks every day they report to work. However, even though these environments are quite likely to produce accidents, injuries, and deaths, those responsible for your safety still have a duty to do everything possible to protect you. Refinery accident lawyers all over the United States can tell you that these standards are often not met.

If you have been injured in a refinery, you need to contact the Houston refinery accident lawyers of Williams Kherkher at (888) 220-0640. Our refinery accident lawyers will be able to listen to your situation, to explain to you how the law applies to what happened, and to provide you with guidance towards making a decision on whether or not to proceed against those responsible for your injuries.

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Refinery Accidents – Not Without National Attention

Refinery accidents are much less common than other workplace accidents when measuring strictly by number of occurrences that lead to deaths, but when they do occur, the results are devastating. There have been several recent explosions and other incidents that led to many workers being killed or permanently injured. A few examples of these include:

  • 22 people killed in BP refineries between 1995 and 2005
  • 80 deaths overall during that same time period
  • More than 100 injuries from one blast at a refinery in Texas City
  • OSHA enhancing enforcement as a result of the rise in injuries and deaths

Refinery accidents take a heavy toll on those affected by them. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed as a result of this type of incident, you need to contact the Houston refinery accident lawyers at Williams Kherkher immediately for a free initial consultation.

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