Zimmer Shoulder Replacement Lawsuit

The Zimmer Biomet shoulder lawyers of Williams Kherkher are prepared to help individuals who have suffered fractures and other injuries caused by a defective comprehensive reverse shoulder implant. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a Class I Recall (the highest class of recall) for the devices due to the increased likelihood of serious injury or death.

If you or a loved one has a Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder device and has suffered a serious injury due to fracture or device malfunction, you do not have to suffer alone. There is a reason why so many individuals have turned to Williams Kherkher to help hold manufacturers accountable for their defective medical device claims, so make sure to contact us to find out how we can help you. Don’t wait until it is too late to file your claim. Contact us at (713) 588-6767 today.

About the Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Device

The Zimmer Biomet-produced device was implanted in patients who have suffered rotator cuff tears and developed a form of arthritis called arthropathy. The devices were also prescribed and implanted in individuals who had previous shoulder replacement surgeries that were unsuccessful. The comprehensive reverse shoulder device is surgically implanted and was designed to help restore arm movement for the patient.

Why Were the Devices Recalled?

The manufacturer was forced to issue the recall due to increasing reports of device failure, specifically fracturing. The fracture rate of the devices was significantly higher than the rate stated in the product’s labeling.

In the event of a device failure, like fracturing, the affected individual may be forced to have revision surgery that can possibly lead to loss of shoulder function and feeling, infection, and in some cases, even death.

Product Specifics:

  • Product Description: Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System Humeral Tray Model 115340
  • Trade Name: Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Humeral
  • Product Code: KWS, PAO
  • Lot Numbers: All lots with part number 115340; See full list of lot numbers
  • Distribution Dates: October, 2008 to September, 2015
  • Manufacturing Dates: August 25, 2008 to September 27, 2011
  • Devices Recalled: 3662

What Should I Do If I Have Suffered an Injury by a Zimmer Biomet Device?

If you have suffered a serious fracture due to a defective Zimmer Biomet comprehensive reverse shoulder system, you may be eligible for compensation for your pain, suffering, medical bills, and other damages. At Williams Kherkher, we believe that medical device manufacturers have a responsibility to properly test and label their devices, and if those systems fail, they should be held accountable for the injuries they cause. Contact us at (713) 588-6767 to discuss your claim today.

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